SELF Magazine- says YES to Body By Trimester Pregnancy Exercise DVD series

SELF Magazine and Dana Meltzer Zepeda,have given Body By Trimester two thumbs up!! Read the review from SELF Magazine on the pregnancy exercise DVD set. – 10 Top Pregnancy Diet & Exercise Tips From Fitness Expert Kelly Rennie — 10 Top Pregnancy Diet & Exercise Tips From Fitness Expert Kelly Rennie. Way to go!! mentions 10 great tips to pregnancy and exercise. They even mention the importance of toning the pelvic floor. This is a great article by them. Check it out!

ACOG’s latest study supporting exercise during pregnancy!

ACOG has released a new study concluding that it is safe to start exercise at the time of pregnancy. They go even further to say that you may exercise at a moderate intensity if you are inactive, and at a vigorous intensity if you are active. Please read below for the details of their study. [...]

Press: Newburyport Today

Dr. Christannah Waters, OB/GYN, Women’s Health Care, would like to introduce clients to the new Body by Trimester, a prenatal fitness program designed by her sister, Joy Southworth. One of Dr. Water’s particular interests include fitness during pregnancy. To make an appointment with Dr. Waters, please call 978-556-0100. The first prenatal exercise DVD of its [...]

Press Release: Body By Trimester Releases the First Prenatal DVD of its Kind

“Joy Southworth brings exercising during pregnancy to a whole new level… her method is invigorating and powerful!” — Dr. Lees, ER Physician & mother of 3 February 15, 2012: The first prenatal exercise DVD of its kind designed and demonstrated by a pregnant personal trainer, Joy Southworth — founder of Body Design by Joy, LLC [...]

Exercise during pregnancy? Yes–even some extreme sports.

I agree with Carrie Cooper, mother of 2 and avid rock-climber! There is nothing better than a great workout when you are pregnant. It is so invigorating and refreshing! My new prenatal workout DVD, Body by Trimester, is one of its kind. It challenges the already fit to keep going strong and teaches those new [...]