“Joy Southworth brings exercising during pregnancy to a whole new level… her method is invigorating and powerful!” — Dr. Lees, ER Physician & mother of 3

February 15, 2012: The first prenatal exercise DVD of its kind designed and demonstrated by a pregnant personal trainer, Joy Southworth — founder of Body Design by Joy, LLC — is sharing the secret recipe to staying fit during pregnancy. Her reputable and distinctive surefire method has worked for her clients in her studio, and now she has brought it to film for every expecting mother to see and experience. This three DVD-set contains a DVD specific to each trimester and features Southworth during her pregnancy as she leads viewers through nine different energizing workouts, one trimester at a time. “Prenatal care is essential to a healthy and happy mom and a healthy and happy baby, and my DVD supports that mission with conviction” Southworth exclaims!

Born and raised in Gilford, NH, Southworth graduated from the University of Connecticut where she played four years of Division I field hockey. Southworth is now a Certified Personal Trainer and Strength and Conditioning Specialist, as well as a Certified Pre/Postnatal Exercise Specialist. Southworth is the founder and owner of Body Design by Joy, LLC, a personal training business in central New Hampshire. She works predominantly with women in their 20’s, 30’s and 40’s.  Years before Southworth became pregnant with her first baby, she became very interested in pregnancy and exercise, and how one can safely combine the two.  Her own research grew into pursuit and completion of her certification in pre/postnatal exercise. Once she became pregnant with her first child she coupled her education with personal experience and carefully crafted her own prenatal fitness program. “Each trimester is so unique for the woman’s mind and body,” she says. Southworth discovered how combining just the right exercises for each trimester made for a very satisfying, energizing, and beneficial routine, and ultimately, a smoother, speedier recovery. The benefits enjoyed in prenatal exercise were no longer data on a page, they were an inspired self-discovery that drove Southworth to reach out to women in pregnancy universally. Thus she began the creation of her prenatal fitness DVD series at the end of her first pregnancy, and then continued the process and filming during her second pregnancy this past year.

The DVD series includes three different workout routines for each trimester, for a total of nine unique and effective workouts that follow ACOG (American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists) guidelines. Each trimester contains two 25-minute workouts, based on Southworth’s own belief “that with the right type of training we don’t need more time than this.” The workouts combine circuit training with breathing and abdominal exercises, and utilize weights and a stability ball. Southworth explains, “Each trimester also includes one express workout, which is about 15 minutes long, because let’s face it, sometimes that’s all the time we have!”  She also includes a section on diastasis recti, which describes how to check for it, and the modifications that should be made if it does develop. “Many women suffer from this condition and there is very little support or information available to them. I have formulated an exercise program to help avoid diastasis or minimize it, if it does develop.” The trainer elaborates, “In the third trimester I include some very important breathing, strengthening, and stretching exercises created specifically to prepare for the child-birthing experience.  Each labor and delivery experience is very different, but there is no question, that all women will be better prepared, physically and mentally, to handle it when they are physically fit.”

“With each trimester the level of intensity changes, as the growing fetus puts more strain on our bodies. I pay special attention to strengthening the upper back, legs, abdominals, and pelvic floor! Keeping these muscles strong throughout pregnancy helps to minimize low back pain, prepare for the physical feat of labor, and maintain strength and endurance to care for our newborns. And ultimately, we prime our bodies to bounce back to our pre-pregnancy shape that much sooner!  All of these physical benefits come wrapped in the most valuable benefit of all…better self-esteem and wellbeing!”

Southworth’s three DVD-set set can be ordered online at www.bodybytrimester.com/order. She also created a postnatal fitness series to help new moms bounce back. Keeping in mind the time constraints of new moms, Joy created high energy, fat-burning bursts that are only 10 minutes long! The postnatal series will be available in the spring.