Dr. Christannah Waters, OB/GYN, Women’s Health Care, would like to introduce clients to the new Body by Trimester, a prenatal fitness program designed by her sister, Joy Southworth. One of Dr. Water’s particular interests include fitness during pregnancy. To make an appointment with Dr. Waters, please call 978-556-0100.

The first prenatal exercise DVD of its kind designed and demonstrated by a pregnant personal trainer −Joy Southworth, founder of Body Design by Joy, LLC, is sharing the secret recipe to staying fit during pregnancy. Her reputable and distinctive surefire method has worked for her clients in her studio, and now she has brought it to film for every expecting mother to see and experience. This three DVD-set contains a DVD specific to each trimester and features Southworth during her pregnancy as she leads viewers through nine different energizing workouts, one trimester at a time.

The DVD series includes three different workout routines for each trimester, for a total of nine unique and effective workouts that follow ACOG (American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists) guidelines.

Southworth’s three DVD-set set can be ordered online at www.bodybytrimester.com. She also created a postnatal fitness series to help new moms bounce back. Keeping in mind the time constraints of new moms, Joy created high energy, fat-burning bursts that are only 10 minutes long! The postnatal series will be available in the spring.